This is a blog about Liverpool Football Club.

To many millions of us, the name says what we are – a FOOTBALL CLUB!

But to a certain group of people, people who know NOTHING about football, our CLUB is a “brand”. They’re saying its just a “commercial product”.

That is offensive. That is wrong. That is killing the beautiful game, and OUR FOOTBALL CLUB.

So do we have to go along with it? Will we always be “just outside the Champions League spot”? Do we have to resign ourselves to obscenely high ticket prices? Being a “feeder club” for former also rans?


We can succeed. But first we need to all be aware of the truth. Once the truth is known, we can reconquer! Keep popping by!

And thanks for reading!


Editor – We are not a Brand!


One Response to About

  1. Ralf van der Sluis says:

    Great call. I thought I was the only one haveing severe reservations about FSV and the yank mealy mouthed crap merchants. And about the Brodge. No better than the Hodge.
    It is going to take a while before people are going to see through the pseudo-psycho clap trap from the hodge. About three more games without a win should do it.
    Unfortunately FSV are too blind to get the only man back that can, and has shown he can, punch above his weight financially and who is just itching to have another go. You know who.
    Whatever happened to this lot that were running this initiative for the fans to buy the club? I signed up for that but have not heard anything of late.

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