The Pope’s still a Catholic. And bears still shxx in the woods.

Oh, and did you hear LFC is still owned by American charlatans?

I had been planning to update this site throughout the 2012-13 season. However, for anyone who knows anything about LFC’s great history it has been an intensely saddening time.

What saddens me most is that our fan base was once known as the most knowledgeable in the land. Probably the most knowledgeable in Europe too. But go on any football forum these days, and you’ll see much of the Fenway lies, spin and propaganda.

I will be posting a quick summary of the 2012-13 “highlight”. But one thing is clear, Liverpool “Soccer Brand” is no longer considered a big club by commentators, its parasitic owners, and even by many so called “fans”. 5 times European Champions, 18 league titles, TWENTY MILLION FANS OR MORE, the top or second/third club of many towns around Britain. Yet we are nothing but mid-table also rans. A cash cow for abseentee landlords. An “investment asset”  that has been up for sale since around November 2011. Most staggeringly, Fenway REFUSE any outside investment from fans.

Just look at the fantastic players we have lost in recent times. Alonso, Mascherano, Arbeloa and Torres. Just replacing these alone would most likely have regained us Champions League football. Instead, we got lower wage, lower trasfer fee also rans. Poulsen, Adam and Carroll. And now we are linked with losing Reina, Johnson, Skrtel, Agger and Suarez. Carragher and Gerrard slowly wane away. Who do we see coming in? Allen, Borini, Aspas, Assaidi and the like.

Same off the pitch. A legend like Rafa isn’t even asked about the management job. And who do we get? Number 11 on the list of candidates. A rookie, a David Brent, a yes-man.  A guy who says “soon we’ll be playing to the standard of Swansea”. Hmm. What did Fenway favourite Rogers get in his first year? NO silverware,NO league or FA Cup final,  NO Europe, and beaten by Everton in the league tables. Are they still gonna tell us this guy is a better manager than King Kenny, or Rafa? Do they think we were born yesterday. They signed Rogers because Rogers was happy to play half the season with just an also-ran like Borini as our ONLY true striker.

THIS  is the reason we are midtable. THIS is the reason we are behind Everton. Income keeps rising, ticket prices, Sky TV prices, ALL keep rising. But the quality of the players and management drops. The amount of bullshit, media spin and propaganda keeps rising.

Not a football club, a “brand”. Just like a cheap clothing brand. One “customer” realises its a scam, to be replaced by another “customer” – probably via the Thomas Cook ripoff tours. The true fans see through it, to be replaced by mugs. Isn’t it time we said enough is enough?


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