Rodgers, players, fans stitched up by Pinnochio Henry and Co.

Once again loyal, decent people are being conned by smarmy, treacherous American owners. Sounds familiar?



Last yr Kenny had to work with a £15m to £20m  NEGATIVE net spent. Yes transfer fees was a positive spend. BUT, it was all financed by HUGE wage cuts. So Kenny couldnt POSSIBLY have improved the squad.

Check this article and add the Mereiles fee and wage cuts. (And don’t forget, these writers weren’t even against Fenway at the time!)

All this was the result of Fenway and their greed. Their Moneyball friend Billy Beane was friends with Comolli. So they had this bizarre idea of treating players as commodities to buy and sell according to statistics. No thought was given for Kenny, the fans, or footballing principles. Just money, money, money. Mixed in with a huge chunk of ignorance.

So if you hear some idiot say King Kenny was to blame, tell them to do their homework!


If you realise last year was bad, this year, its got even worse. Even Skysports( so often the pr lackey of sleazy owners) reckon Rodgers was forced to cut wages by HALF a MILLION PER WEEK!!

Yet NESV are currently putting MORE purchase debt on the club( 55m to begin with). 120m has been negotiated. How much more without investment in the squad or stadium?

Brendan Rodgers said he’d have to be a “nutcase” to let Any Carroll go if he wasn’t going to bring in one or two replacements. So he lets Carroll go, and Henry move the goalposts and renages on the agreement. Henry cannot be trusted. He has no integrity and no honour. Its just PURE GREED for money.

It comes to something when I agree with Gary Neville of all people. Neville’s comments on Sky? “Brendan Rodgers has been stitched up”. Exactly right, Fenway have desecrated our club again.

These Americans couldnt care less about LFC succeeding. They saw a cheap “brand”.They bought it in a dubious sale process( when 130 other parties expressed an interest). They’ve all refused dialogue with the fans over fan investment. Yet they refused to rebuild our squad.


Our corporate revenues will fall way behind our former rivals when fans (and sponsors) realise that Fenway couldn’t care less about the “brand product” ie the team or success. We’ve already seen this with Adidas reluctant to sign a new kit deal. And we’re seeing it with major organisations  shying away from a stadium sponsorship. To get revenue, you MUST invest.

Greed is killing a great British cultural institution. The people to blame are partly RBS, but overwhelmingly Fenway Sports Group.

Please help spread the truth!
This outrage is happening to many clubs. Not just Liverpool!
Confidence tricksters should have NO PLACE in our national game!

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