Its worse than that, its Rodgers, Jim!

OK ok .. Bones McCoy from Star Trek probably wasn’t a Liverpool fan.

Atleast, lets face it, he probably wouldn’t be if Brendan Rodgers became our manager.

So what exactly is it all about. Well 1st, Robert Martinez and about 9 others made it clear they didn’t want the job. Meddling, ignorant Yanks and bugger all transfer budget isn’t exactly a great selling point is it?

Brendan Rodgers what would I say? Hmm, how about ” some pretty black and white pics does not make the man(ager)”

Lets face it, those pics with the tea lady mimicking the great Bill Shankly were pretty pathetic weren’t they? And Brendan himself? Ahhh yes, sacked by Reading of all teams in recent years. Less than one year of premiership experience, and Jen Chang is calling himthe new Shanks! Well you’ve got to laugh….! ( Has Jen ever been to a Reds match btw?)

In my next post I’ll look at what Marty McFly aka “Soccerball expert” John Henry has in store for us. Looks like a lot of wage cuts, forcing a few stars out, and a few incomers from the “storied Swanseashire City” ( as Tom Werner might say). It doesn’t look good.

No need to get down though. Its our club. Its been around since 1892. WAY before slippery Fenway. And it’ll be around WAY after.

I’ll say one bit again. Its OUR club, not theirs. Time to reclaim it







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One Response to Its worse than that, its Rodgers, Jim!

  1. Johnasuarus says:

    I hear you fella

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