King Kenny – sacrificed at the altar of American corporate greed.

I knew it from the day these Cowboys v2.0 took over. And too many people thought they knew better.

But this is the fact. Greedy Yanks made a NET PROFIT in transfer activity since their arrival.  Somewhere around 20  pounds ie Raul Mereiles transfer fee plus the wages they saved in kicking him out.

We were rubbish under Roy. Because Purslow and Yanks version one started selling our players and  downsizing our operations. Kenny did a magnificent job from Jan 2011 til May 2011. Results were good til Jan 2012. From Jan 2012, it was clear that the Yanks simply weren’t prepared to rebuild our squad, so the inevitable tiredness set in. All things considered, Kenny did magnifiently in 2012.

But, liars gotta lie, haven’t they? NESV want to pretend it was all King Kenny’s fault. What garbage! Invest and succeed. Profit take and fail!

Their solution Roberto Bloody Martinez. Never took Wigan from 11th when he arrived to 16th, 16th and 15th! This crap for FIVE TIMES European Cup winners.

They are spitting in the face of Kenny, the fans, the players, and ALL the traditions of what was Liverpool Football Club. We cannot support this. We must demand that NESV sell to us, the fans, for a fair price and disappear never to dirty our shores and our city again.

Yanks wanna sell off all our players – asset stripping all over again. Debts climbing( 56m, 92m, 120m, 190m next?) All of this purchase debt NOT operating debt. We should see them as the buyer of stolen goods. Stolen from the fans by Hicks lies. Bought by NESV in a suspicious, non-transparent process, that RBS want to hide  from the fans. I wonder why!!??

Stand up for our club, our standards, our history and our pride.

Wave the red card to liars, predators, parasites and confidence tricksters

NESV are not welcome to destroy our club.

Martinez over Kenny is an insult to anyone who knows anything about football

Please join SOS or any fan group commited to the removal of dishonourable owners in football. Together we can beat our enemy, once and for all!


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