So here we are, the blind are all blaming Kenny…!

Some things never change do they!

1st we had Christian Slimy Purslow telling us Rafa was “crap” and it was all his fault, not Hicks and Gilette. Then he told us what wonderful investment we had – ie selling Xabi… Then the club went into absolute meltdown with his favourite imbecile, Roy Hodgson.

Now, some fools are telling us this season is all Kenny’s fault.

Erm, even tho it was a ZERO net spend this year! Even under Moores, 10 yrs ago, we’d have a decent annual net spend. But not so today.

So what u gonna do? Turn on one of our favourite sons, King Kenny?

Or look at the real culprits? ie some smooth talking Yanks who declared their love for LFC.. just after seeing the marketing stats of “the brand”…

Personally, I think the answer should be pretty obvious.

Next post will appear later in March. Isn’t it time we started reclaiming our football clubs?








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