Ok its time to begin mobilisation !

As you can see, this blog was set up in January. I wasn’t taken in for ONE moment, by Mr Henry and his friends at NESV. I had grave concerns for our future as a top, or even a “challenging” football club.

Slowly but surely we starting to see gaps in the NESV pr machine. They’re good talkers, VERY good talkers. But thats all they do. TALK!

I’ve been telling people for ages, that our former hero, Fernando Torres, was “fitted up” by the ugly pr machine of NESV. He didn’t want to leave, NESV just wanted the money. NESV didn’t even want to buy Luis Suarez til they had the Nando cash.

Ofcourse some of you don’t believe me… yet. But Nando is starting to get a little more vocal about it. Even though its clear his future is away from Anfield, away from the place he loved, and still does love.

If you’re a Red, if you’re a TRUE Red, just do one thing for now? Have a think for 10 seconds about NESV. What have they promised ? What have they done? What are they doing?

Next post will be up soon!





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