The Pope’s still a Catholic. And bears still shxx in the woods.

Oh, and did you hear LFC is still owned by American charlatans?

I had been planning to update this site throughout the 2012-13 season. However, for anyone who knows anything about LFC’s great history it has been an intensely saddening time.

What saddens me most is that our fan base was once known as the most knowledgeable in the land. Probably the most knowledgeable in Europe too. But go on any football forum these days, and you’ll see much of the Fenway lies, spin and propaganda.

I will be posting a quick summary of the 2012-13 “highlight”. But one thing is clear, Liverpool “Soccer Brand” is no longer considered a big club by commentators, its parasitic owners, and even by many so called “fans”. 5 times European Champions, 18 league titles, TWENTY MILLION FANS OR MORE, the top or second/third club of many towns around Britain. Yet we are nothing but mid-table also rans. A cash cow for abseentee landlords. An “investment asset”  that has been up for sale since around November 2011. Most staggeringly, Fenway REFUSE any outside investment from fans.

Just look at the fantastic players we have lost in recent times. Alonso, Mascherano, Arbeloa and Torres. Just replacing these alone would most likely have regained us Champions League football. Instead, we got lower wage, lower trasfer fee also rans. Poulsen, Adam and Carroll. And now we are linked with losing Reina, Johnson, Skrtel, Agger and Suarez. Carragher and Gerrard slowly wane away. Who do we see coming in? Allen, Borini, Aspas, Assaidi and the like.

Same off the pitch. A legend like Rafa isn’t even asked about the management job. And who do we get? Number 11 on the list of candidates. A rookie, a David Brent, a yes-man.  A guy who says “soon we’ll be playing to the standard of Swansea”. Hmm. What did Fenway favourite Rogers get in his first year? NO silverware,NO league or FA Cup final,  NO Europe, and beaten by Everton in the league tables. Are they still gonna tell us this guy is a better manager than King Kenny, or Rafa? Do they think we were born yesterday. They signed Rogers because Rogers was happy to play half the season with just an also-ran like Borini as our ONLY true striker.

THIS  is the reason we are midtable. THIS is the reason we are behind Everton. Income keeps rising, ticket prices, Sky TV prices, ALL keep rising. But the quality of the players and management drops. The amount of bullshit, media spin and propaganda keeps rising.

Not a football club, a “brand”. Just like a cheap clothing brand. One “customer” realises its a scam, to be replaced by another “customer” – probably via the Thomas Cook ripoff tours. The true fans see through it, to be replaced by mugs. Isn’t it time we said enough is enough?


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Rodgers, players, fans stitched up by Pinnochio Henry and Co.

Once again loyal, decent people are being conned by smarmy, treacherous American owners. Sounds familiar?



Last yr Kenny had to work with a £15m to £20m  NEGATIVE net spent. Yes transfer fees was a positive spend. BUT, it was all financed by HUGE wage cuts. So Kenny couldnt POSSIBLY have improved the squad.

Check this article and add the Mereiles fee and wage cuts. (And don’t forget, these writers weren’t even against Fenway at the time!)

All this was the result of Fenway and their greed. Their Moneyball friend Billy Beane was friends with Comolli. So they had this bizarre idea of treating players as commodities to buy and sell according to statistics. No thought was given for Kenny, the fans, or footballing principles. Just money, money, money. Mixed in with a huge chunk of ignorance.

So if you hear some idiot say King Kenny was to blame, tell them to do their homework!


If you realise last year was bad, this year, its got even worse. Even Skysports( so often the pr lackey of sleazy owners) reckon Rodgers was forced to cut wages by HALF a MILLION PER WEEK!!

Yet NESV are currently putting MORE purchase debt on the club( 55m to begin with). 120m has been negotiated. How much more without investment in the squad or stadium?

Brendan Rodgers said he’d have to be a “nutcase” to let Any Carroll go if he wasn’t going to bring in one or two replacements. So he lets Carroll go, and Henry move the goalposts and renages on the agreement. Henry cannot be trusted. He has no integrity and no honour. Its just PURE GREED for money.

It comes to something when I agree with Gary Neville of all people. Neville’s comments on Sky? “Brendan Rodgers has been stitched up”. Exactly right, Fenway have desecrated our club again.

These Americans couldnt care less about LFC succeeding. They saw a cheap “brand”.They bought it in a dubious sale process( when 130 other parties expressed an interest). They’ve all refused dialogue with the fans over fan investment. Yet they refused to rebuild our squad.


Our corporate revenues will fall way behind our former rivals when fans (and sponsors) realise that Fenway couldn’t care less about the “brand product” ie the team or success. We’ve already seen this with Adidas reluctant to sign a new kit deal. And we’re seeing it with major organisations  shying away from a stadium sponsorship. To get revenue, you MUST invest.

Greed is killing a great British cultural institution. The people to blame are partly RBS, but overwhelmingly Fenway Sports Group.

Please help spread the truth!
This outrage is happening to many clubs. Not just Liverpool!
Confidence tricksters should have NO PLACE in our national game!

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Its worse than that, its Rodgers, Jim!

OK ok .. Bones McCoy from Star Trek probably wasn’t a Liverpool fan.

Atleast, lets face it, he probably wouldn’t be if Brendan Rodgers became our manager.

So what exactly is it all about. Well 1st, Robert Martinez and about 9 others made it clear they didn’t want the job. Meddling, ignorant Yanks and bugger all transfer budget isn’t exactly a great selling point is it?

Brendan Rodgers what would I say? Hmm, how about ” some pretty black and white pics does not make the man(ager)”

Lets face it, those pics with the tea lady mimicking the great Bill Shankly were pretty pathetic weren’t they? And Brendan himself? Ahhh yes, sacked by Reading of all teams in recent years. Less than one year of premiership experience, and Jen Chang is calling himthe new Shanks! Well you’ve got to laugh….! ( Has Jen ever been to a Reds match btw?)

In my next post I’ll look at what Marty McFly aka “Soccerball expert” John Henry has in store for us. Looks like a lot of wage cuts, forcing a few stars out, and a few incomers from the “storied Swanseashire City” ( as Tom Werner might say). It doesn’t look good.

No need to get down though. Its our club. Its been around since 1892. WAY before slippery Fenway. And it’ll be around WAY after.

I’ll say one bit again. Its OUR club, not theirs. Time to reclaim it







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King Kenny – sacrificed at the altar of American corporate greed.

I knew it from the day these Cowboys v2.0 took over. And too many people thought they knew better.

But this is the fact. Greedy Yanks made a NET PROFIT in transfer activity since their arrival.  Somewhere around 20  pounds ie Raul Mereiles transfer fee plus the wages they saved in kicking him out.

We were rubbish under Roy. Because Purslow and Yanks version one started selling our players and  downsizing our operations. Kenny did a magnificent job from Jan 2011 til May 2011. Results were good til Jan 2012. From Jan 2012, it was clear that the Yanks simply weren’t prepared to rebuild our squad, so the inevitable tiredness set in. All things considered, Kenny did magnifiently in 2012.

But, liars gotta lie, haven’t they? NESV want to pretend it was all King Kenny’s fault. What garbage! Invest and succeed. Profit take and fail!

Their solution Roberto Bloody Martinez. Never took Wigan from 11th when he arrived to 16th, 16th and 15th! This crap for FIVE TIMES European Cup winners.

They are spitting in the face of Kenny, the fans, the players, and ALL the traditions of what was Liverpool Football Club. We cannot support this. We must demand that NESV sell to us, the fans, for a fair price and disappear never to dirty our shores and our city again.

Yanks wanna sell off all our players – asset stripping all over again. Debts climbing( 56m, 92m, 120m, 190m next?) All of this purchase debt NOT operating debt. We should see them as the buyer of stolen goods. Stolen from the fans by Hicks lies. Bought by NESV in a suspicious, non-transparent process, that RBS want to hide  from the fans. I wonder why!!??

Stand up for our club, our standards, our history and our pride.

Wave the red card to liars, predators, parasites and confidence tricksters

NESV are not welcome to destroy our club.

Martinez over Kenny is an insult to anyone who knows anything about football

Please join SOS or any fan group commited to the removal of dishonourable owners in football. Together we can beat our enemy, once and for all!


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So here we are, the blind are all blaming Kenny…!

Some things never change do they!

1st we had Christian Slimy Purslow telling us Rafa was “crap” and it was all his fault, not Hicks and Gilette. Then he told us what wonderful investment we had – ie selling Xabi… Then the club went into absolute meltdown with his favourite imbecile, Roy Hodgson.

Now, some fools are telling us this season is all Kenny’s fault.

Erm, even tho it was a ZERO net spend this year! Even under Moores, 10 yrs ago, we’d have a decent annual net spend. But not so today.

So what u gonna do? Turn on one of our favourite sons, King Kenny?

Or look at the real culprits? ie some smooth talking Yanks who declared their love for LFC.. just after seeing the marketing stats of “the brand”…

Personally, I think the answer should be pretty obvious.

Next post will appear later in March. Isn’t it time we started reclaiming our football clubs?








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Ok its time to begin mobilisation !

As you can see, this blog was set up in January. I wasn’t taken in for ONE moment, by Mr Henry and his friends at NESV. I had grave concerns for our future as a top, or even a “challenging” football club.

Slowly but surely we starting to see gaps in the NESV pr machine. They’re good talkers, VERY good talkers. But thats all they do. TALK!

I’ve been telling people for ages, that our former hero, Fernando Torres, was “fitted up” by the ugly pr machine of NESV. He didn’t want to leave, NESV just wanted the money. NESV didn’t even want to buy Luis Suarez til they had the Nando cash.

Ofcourse some of you don’t believe me… yet. But Nando is starting to get a little more vocal about it. Even though its clear his future is away from Anfield, away from the place he loved, and still does love.

If you’re a Red, if you’re a TRUE Red, just do one thing for now? Have a think for 10 seconds about NESV. What have they promised ? What have they done? What are they doing?

Next post will be up soon!





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Hello world!

Welcome to This is your first post. Edit or delete it and start blogging!

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